Designing Electrical Control Board

Hi Guys,

In this page I will show you how to make connections in Electrical Board which is frequently used in our Houses.

If you learn the connections carefully, you will also be able to correct broken connection whenever you face it. I strongly recommended you to refer  Hand Switch Connection Post before viewing this Page.

So, if you have visited Hand Switch Connection page then Lets go!

Here, we have following items to be connected so that it can be easily controlled manually.

No. of Bulbs = 2

No. of Fan = 1

No. of 5-Pin Socket = 1

No. of Regulator for Fan = 1

No. of Power Indicator = 1

No. of Switches = 4

No. of Fuse = 1

Items for connectionNow, Lets see what we are going to do with these items.

Front view (normal)

 So, we have to arrange our items as shown in the image. In the above image there is missing some of the items i.e Fuse, Power Indicator and Fan Regulator. We will make these connection later.

Above image is the front view of the Electrical Board which contains 4 switches; first, second, third and forth which controls Fan, bulb, another bulb, 5-Pin socket respectively.

For making desirable connection for the above mentioned items lets see the back view how it is connected…

Back View Connection (normal)Please See the connections of Red and Black wire carefully which indicates live and neutral wire respectively. Never join the Red and Black Wire in any part of the connections.

I think this is easy and you have understood it.

After learning about the Normal connection its time to go for the advance one which includes above missing items

Similarly, here is the front view of the arrangement of the items.

Front View (advanced)This is called advanced connection because this Electrical Control Board is full of complete items which is generally used in our House wiring.

If you have assumed the above front view then we should go for the back view…

Back View Connectionn (advanced)The above connection is very complicated so see it carefully and try it yourself.

I think this is the short theoretical guidelines for designing  Electrical Control Board. I am sure you will be successful if you will try it yourself in your home.

If you have any confusions or problems please don’t hesitate to ask me.


  1. Nice method for understand..thnx

  2. Appane na sir trip box ka bata na cahiye muje.

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  4. This connection is very easy I like it! 👍

  5. Thank you very much Shiva

  6. Aniebiet Williams

    electrical work is a nice work

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  12. jsyprakash naidu

    it seen very nice to see that in a manner you had explain have to do an warring of a home with the help of pic that you had shown.
    thanks for your help in teaching as an easy way of house wiring.

    thanking you,
    jayprakash naidu,

  13. nice,more information house Waring

  14. This pattern is show your local time and you easily make it

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    Proper explain

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