Charge Mobile with own Body Heat

Power ShortsIts annoying when you hear or see dreaded alert: Low Battery when you’re out an about for the day. Now you can charge your Mobile Phone with your own body heat. A new line of denim shorts and sleeping bags have been invented that use body heat and movement to generate electricity.

The “Power Shorts” (image on left side)and “Recharge Sleeping Bag” (image on right side) can charge a phone’s battery by harvesting energy from the human body using kinetic and thermoelectric technology  Sleeping Bagdesigned by mobile phone company, Vodafone.

The shorts are fitted with a phone connector and materials that produce a charge whenever you move.

The Recharge Sleeping Bag works by harvesting thermal energy from the sleeper’s body heat.  That charge is then used to power up your battery, and keep the phone charged.


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