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Agricultural Technology (Agri-Tech) is the technical techniques and technology used in and for agricultural practices. It refers to new inputs, methods, new process or new innovation to increase the production and productivity which support agricultural enterprises such as Threshers, Plows, Irrigation systems etc. These forms of technology, which are all regularly used in modern agricultural settings, have a long history in farming and have been reinvented and redesigned many times over. We can take an example of plows which were originally pulled by animals but now are usually powered by engines. In the course of agricultural history, there have been improvements to technology that have greatly changed the ways in which certain types of crops were grown or harvested.

Thus, Agricultural Technology focuses on technological processes used in agriculture,to create an understanding of how processes, equipment and structures are used with people, soil, plants, animals and their products,to sustain and maintain quality of life and to promote economic, aesthetic and sound cultural values.

In this Section i am dealing about:

  1. Combine Harvester
  2. An Introduction to GPS, GIS and its uses in Agriculture
  3. Apple Harvesting Machine
  4. Cold Storage in Horticulture
  5. Laser Leveller: A Laser guided Land Levelling equipment

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