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How to start Page Numbering after “Table of Contents” in MS-Office

Sometimes you might not want the page numbers shown on the first page of the document. For example, if the first page is a cover page and the second page is a table of contents, you might want the third page to show “Page 1.”

Here, i am going to show you how to do this.

To start page numbering later in your document, you first divide the document into sections and unlink them. You then display the page numbering and choose the starting value.

Steps by Step Guide:

1. Click the specific page where you want to divide or insert section. (you may click mouse cursor below the ‘Table of Content’)

2. Click Page Layout > Breaks > Next Page.

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How to save files to Cloud?

Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing resources over the Internet instead of keeping data on your own hard drive or updating applications for your needs, at another location, to store your information or use its applications. For more Click Here>>>

Lets workout with an example on saving files to Cloud through Dropbox.

Step 1:

Browse to the Dropbox website on a computer. This service allows you to access files saved across all of your disparate computers and phones, regardless of OS.
For all intents and purposes, it lets you bring your files with you, without e-mailing them to yourself, as long as you have an Internet connection. Read the rest of this entry

How do you react to computer problems?

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What do you do when you face problems in computer? Do you sit back and think about the last thing you did? Do you panic, frantically pressing button? Do you just shut off your computer and call your Computer Expert? Successful problem solving requires the right state of mind. It can make the difference between minutes and days. It can prevent small problem from getting worse. Here are something to remember when faced with computer catastrophes:

Don’t Panic:

In most cases you can turn off your PC and get back to the problem later. Of course, many problems occur when you do have a deadline looming (or passed). If you can wait, even for a few minutes, until you take a few deep breaths, do so.

The problem may not be as big as it seems:

Hard drives do crash, but that isn’t necessarily what just happened. It’s hard to judge a problem when it first occurs. After calmly looking over the situation you may be back up and running in a few minutes. Read the rest of this entry

Get rid of same logon screen in windows 7

logon changerDo you ever get bored of the same old logon screen every single time you boot your computer? Most of us frequently change desktop background because we get bored of same background. That’s why we get the new wallpaper and replace it with old one. Have you ever think about changing the background of your logon screen in windows 7? I mean to say the screen where you enter the password to get access to the computer. Can the background of logon screen in windows 7 be changed as desktop background? Obviously, it is possible.

The blue background of logon screen, now you can get rid of it. You can do it with the help of the software “Logon Changer”. It’s very easy to use. Here is the simple steps:

  1. Download “Logon Changer” from ‘Download Box’ and install it.
  2. When you run this program you will see the main preview of your logon screen. Read the rest of this entry