Creating your own Blog

Hi guys, I will guide you to create your own blog in wordpress. Please follow the following procedure:


  • Stable internet Connection
  • Valid email address


  • Open your favorite browser (Google Chrome is the best).
  • In address bar type and hit enter.
  • Click on “Get Started”.


Fill the required information i.e. valid email address, available username, password, available blog address.


Scroll down and click  “Create Blog”


You will be requested to activate your account through email address.


Then, open your mail and click on “Activate Blog”

New tab with message “your account is now active” is displayed and you have successfully created your blog.


Now click  “Log in” and use your created username and password to login.



When your page opens then move your mouse cursor to the right corner and click on the wordpress icon as shown in figure.


New page will appear and in this page, there is all the things that you can make your blog attractive and effective like:

Posts: This will help you to add new post and publish it.

Media: You can upload your files.

Pages: For adding pages (as in default there is Home, About). You can add more than this.

Appearance: This is the most important for providing attractive look to your blog by customizing Themes, Widgets, Menus, Theme options, Header etc.

Your blog has already been created you can view by opening your site adress (eg: and during customization  you can view what has been updated by clicking reload. So, it is recommended to open both (your login page and your webpage) side by side.

If you get any problem or any confusion please don’t hesitate to ask.


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