Extending Battery Life

Laptop Battery mainly exhausts due to Over Heating.laptop battery

For enhancing Battery Life:

  1. Always use laptop plugged in. Nothing will happen to your battery i have 2 yrs experience on it because i haven’t use my laptop in battery power even a single day and its backup is same as it was.
  2. Provide 3-5 inch spaces (all sides).
  3. Clean air vents regularly.

At every 1-3 months clean Battery Points.

For enhancing Battery Performance:

  1. Turn Off  “Wi-Fi” (if not necessary)
  2. Eject all external media (i.e. Pendrives, Keyboards, Mouse etc.)
  3. Check if the device is cooling or not by touch and feel method
  4. Dim Brightness
  5. Don’t use Multimedia Applications as far as possible (eg. Windows Media Player, Vlc, etc.)
  6. Don’t do multiple tasks at a time; this increases RAM and also makes your computer slow



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