Hand Switch Connection

Do you know how to connect hand switch?

It is very simple and easy. If you know how to connect and disconnect the circuit you can make any switch. In this page i am going to show you how to connect the hand switch as well as disconnecting any connection.

Items for Hand Switch

In the above figure, we have a Hand Switch, Bulb, Wires (Live and Neutral).

Keep in mind!

  • Always connect the switch to Live Wire only.
  • To work any electronic device, it needs ‘+‘ and ‘‘ connection (i.e Live wire gives ‘+‘ supply while Neutral wire ‘‘) simultaneously.

Live wire is usually of Red color. If you are confused then with the help of Tester (an instrument for checking continuity); check if the bulb of the Tester glows, it is live wire and if not then it’s Neutral wire.

When Live and Neutral wire is connected then the bulb or any device works but if we disconnect any one of them it doesn’t work. Thus, while connecting switch we have to think, how to disconnect the connection and it can be done by cutting in the middle portion of the wire.

So, we cut live wire from middle (or at any desirable place) and at that point we connect the switch. Now, the switch acts as a circuit breaker and control the action of the certain device.

The connection details can be viewed clearly with the help of given figure:

Hand Switch ConnectionNote: You can also connect the switch to the Neutral wire but it is not secure or safe because Live wire is still connected and you may get electric shock while operating.

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    Of a truth u really help and so clear without any shadow of doubt

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