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Partitioning a Hard Drive

HDD partition imageHard drive partitioning can make full use of disk space and will be more convenient for us to assort different kinds of files and documents, and make our computer run smoothly.

Having another partition is a great asset in case your main one fails. You can use the extra partition to Backup important files and install another Operating System. This could improve the performance of your Computer and make your files in a more efficient way. Read the rest of this entry


Formatting and Re-Installing Operating System (OS)

Windows-8Is your PC running Slow or Hanging or planning to Upgrade to Windows 8?

No problem you can do it. Here, i have mentioned Step-by-Step Procedure for Formatting your PC and Re-installing Operating System (OS) i.e. Windows 8. Same procedure is followed in Windows 7 also. The only difference is, for installing windows 8 you need windows 8 DVD and for installing Windows 7, windows 7 DVD.


  1. Rename all the drives (makes easy to choose drive for formatting during installation process. Rename C Drive as windows 7)
  2. Must have at least Urgent softwares (like MS-Office)
  3. Copy important files form C Drive to D, E, F etc. (because you are going to format C:)
  4. Fully charged Laptop (in case of power failure)
  5. Must have all the Device Driver (only for Win 7 see more About Driver)
  6. Conform Antivirus License key if you have any.

Now you can start Formatting Process.

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Configuring Indexing Option

This is a cool feature of windows. It helps to show the search results. Generally, when we searched by Clicking on “START” Menu at Left Corner of Desktop for programs and files;it only shows the Search results available in C drive. It is OK for those who have only one drive in their PC but many have Partitioned their drives to D, E, F etc. in such condition windows doesn’t search in the Partitioned drives.

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Extending Battery Life of your Laptops

Laptop Battery mainly exhausts due to Over Heating.laptop battery

For enhancing Battery Life:

  1. Always use laptop plugged in.
  2. Provide 3-5 inch spaces (all sides).
  3. Clean air vents regularly.

At every 1-3 months clean Battery Points.

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