Combine Harvester

combine 2A Combine Harvester is a vital piece of equipment for the modern farm which is designed for harvesting, threshing, separating, cleaning and collecting grain while moving through the standing crop. This allows the crop to be harvested more quickly and efficiently, and enables farmers to harvest larger amounts.


  • Harvesting the standing crop
  • Feeding of crop to the threshing unit
  • Threshing of grain/seed from the ear-head
  • Separating the seed from the straw and cleaning
  • Collecting grain in the container

Components/Different Operating Units:

  1. Header Unit/Cutting and Gathering Unit: Header Unit is used to cut and gather the crops and feed to the threshing unit.
  2. Feeding Unit: Chain and slat type of Feeding Unit is used to receive the harvested crop from cross auger (pushes the harvested crop to conveyor) and deliver it into the threshing unit.
  3. Threshing Unit: The threshing of the grain is done by the use of threshing cylinder and concave.
  4. Separating Unit: Separating of grain from crop begin at the concave through which it falls directly. The remaining gcombine 3rains and straw are then feed to the straw walker (oscillate at 200-300 stokes/min drop the grain to the cleaning unit by tossing action).
  5. Cleaning Unit: The cleaning unit consists of a combination of two sieves and a blower. The sieves have the oscillating motion. The grain and chaff are winnowed by the blower. Finally clean grain is delivered to the auger i.e. clean grain auger. Then, from elevator clean grain goes to handling unit. Blown grain goes to tailing auger and finally reach to tailing discharge to cylinder by elevator.
  6. Handling Unit: It consists of clean grain auger where threshed grains are collected; elevator for conveying grain to the tank; then grain unloading auger for bagging.
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