Technology: Can we live without it?

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At present, technology plays an important role in our society. It makes our lives easier and more efficient. It increases communication and learning. Technology often progresses from something we don’t see much need for to something that’s an integral part of our routine. Almost everybody is directly or indirectly involved in it. This just means that the influence of technology is so boundless that it has already reached all of the people in the entire globe today.

Now a days, Technology made our lives simple but much dependent on it. We can sit in a corner and get connected to the world. Thus, making the world a global community. Communicate with a person in remote area within fraction of seconds, make a trip of the world within no time, all these are possible with the advanced technology, making us more dependent on its usage. Telephones and laptops have become very important around the world. Many people feel bad, naked and lost when their cell phones are taken away. Technology has transformed how politicians and journalists do their business. They can send and receive messages or talk with someone everywhere. So, we can’t expect or imagine a life without using the word “technology” in it.

However, too much technology can be bad for people. Today, we don’t find even a single young kid without using the available technology to him/her. It is believed that 55% of school students spend 9 hours a day using the social network sites and just 1 hour for studying. As we see most younger generation do Facebook to Facebook conversations rather than face to face conversation. Technology can also be bad for business. Many people think they can do a lot of things at the same time i.e. multitasking. This multitasking can affect the brain and can cause different types of stress.

Hence, we concluded that “living without technology is like living without air” in this technical world of today but we must pay attention to the way which we use it.


About Shiv Kumar Das

I am Agriculture graduate at the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science(IAAS), Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal.

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