Advancement of Technology and the Environment

tech and environ

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The preservation of our environment is a very important and pressing topic, particularly when dealing with energy issues. Wasteful energy policies, overuse of resources, water supply shortages, global climate change, and deforestation are just some of the issues. The technology doesn’t operate in a vacuum, it does so in an environment. So, the advancement of technology will surely influence the environment with all its components. The environment could also influence the choice of a certain technology or the possibility of applying a advance technology. The surrounding with all its elements such as atmosphere, location, geographical formations etc. will put limitations to certain technology applications. Technology such as the invention of vehicles, air-conditioning and other advanced gadgets have caused air pollution. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are released into the air, causing global warming. Industrialization have also contributed to much of these.

 New technologies may create or facilitate increased pollution, or may mitigate or replace existing polluting activities. During the procedures of developing a certain technology many environmental factors are taken in account. They could determine the characteristics of the produced technology.
So, we can say that there is a reciprocal relationship between environment and technology. The environment serves as the room or the place where the technology is put into practice, therefore it is inevitable that there will be a constant interaction between them.

 Enhanced communication and connectivity to even the most distant parts of the world are developing new technology that will help to reduce the environmental impacts.

The technological advancements which will be able to address and modify the increasing environmental needs of our planet:

We are surviving in this planet because of well-balanced ecosystem. The more we destroy the habitats of the plants and animals, the more our ecosystem is going to thrown off the balance. In the areas where deforestation is common, we should use the treebots which  are being used to monitor tree growth, light, humidity and carbon dioxide levels to detect changes and provide data that allows scientists to predict how climate changes will affect the future of the forest. Similarly, we can use thermo-depolymerization through which any carbon-based water can be turned to oil. Desalination of water should be done which removes excess salt and minerals out of sea water and makes it drinkable. Hybrid vehicles which uses green diesels, bio diesel fuel, plugin electric capabilities should be implemented in different parts of world like hybrid city buses, school buses, work trucks as well as trash collection trucks. The technology of anaerobic digestion should be used for waste management systems to reduce the emission of methane gas from landfills which uses MO to break down biodegradable materials to manage waste and release energy.

Positive and Negative impacts of Technology on the Environment:


  • Better technology can helps us study and better understand how we are affecting the environment.


  • Advancements in things that require fossil fuels reduces the amount we have, and if burned, emits carbon dioxide into the air.
  • Advancements in other exploitation techniques can also get rid of things such as forests, aquifers, and other natural resources that we need.

About Shiv Kumar Das

I am Agriculture graduate at the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science(IAAS), Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal.

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