Youth Climate Report: The Youth Express

As we already know, climate change is an emerging concern of whole world. Likewise, climate change takes a form of erratic rainfall pattern, similarly, rise of global temperature day by day and melting of glaciers, climate change is threaten to whole world. So, everybody should aware of it especially youth should be involved in awareness program about climate change. To mitigate or to adopt climate change we have to perform many functions like plantation program, wise use of renewable energy sources and use of bio gasses. Farmers groups are mostly affected by the impact of climate change due to loss of yield day by day. So, we have to take an action that can adopt according to climate change. We don’t have to pollute our environment because nature is giving us a lot. As a clue or conclusion we can say that: “If you can’t protect nature, You have no right to destroy it”.

Youth Climate Report: The Youth Express
This is the interview with Mr. Kiran Bhushal, President of Student Welfare Committee, Rampur Campus; and
Assistant Prof. Dr. Krishna Kumar Pant, Department of Environmental Science, Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal.


About Shiv Kumar Das

I am Agriculture graduate at the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science(IAAS), Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal.

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