Role of Youth for A Cleaner and Greener Environment

Youths are regarded as the voice and the future leaders of the nation. It is in the hand of inhabitants of every nation to contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. It is youth who is the most responsible for this activity. Different youth’s organizations have led this part in around the globe. Numerous examples can be taken of such organizations in our country too. In Nepal, youth organizations like Small Earth Nepal (SEN), YUWA, AYON, Youth Initiative, Tunza Eco generation, NYCA can be taken as some examples which have been actively taking part for creating a clean and green environment to live in.model for env and youth

We can simply say that it is our own responsibility to care the mother earth. The way of caring earth should be started right from our own home premises. Every youth should take a lead to it. A youth is a role model of a house. He/ She is taken as exemplary figure or icon of his house by his/ her brothers, sisters and other family members. If we take a simple example, we can use dustbins to manage the household rubbish. We can dig a pit to dispose the organic waste and prepare compost. This compost can be further used to promote soil productivity and grow healthy foods. This simple example makes us clear how a youth can persuade and motivate every member of his house for proper sanitation. If a youth initiates this kind of activities in his house, then the same can be replicated in his neighbor, then to his society thus materializing our motive of creating a clean earth to live in. Further there are numbers of youth clubs, formal and informal groups, co-operatives in every nooks and corners of our country where we can lead such activities leading to clean, green and healthy environment.

Above all, first thing needed in realizing the role of every single person, is the sincerity with which he perceives his responsibilities. It is our responsibility to create a sustainable environment in which our future generation will be proud to live in. Ministry of City Planning have taken an appreciable step by declaring clean city. This year, Pokhara was declared most clean city with Ilam in second. This kind of activities will certainly motivate other cities to make them clean, green and safer for human settlement. Ministry of Environment and Kathmandu Metropolitan City have taken a great leap towards creating Kathmandu Metropolitan City, a plastic free from Ashar 1, 2070 (15th June, 2013). Ilam municipality was the first to implement this and it has been named as green city by the municipality. Gaighat, another municipality is already experiencing as a plastic free region. Recently, Bharatpur municipality have been leaping forward to make it a cycle city. These initiatives have been in strong initiation and support from youths organization working in those areas. Furthermore, implementation and action part will need a continuous support from youth organizations.

youth for env


About Shiv Kumar Das

I am Agriculture graduate at the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science(IAAS), Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal.

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  2. thanks for this it is really helpful for me i have a competition on monday on swach bharat abhiyan thanks a alot

  3. thanks for this it is really helpful for me i have a competition on monday on swach bharat abhiyan thanks a lot

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